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El almohadón de plumas, por Horacio Quiroga/ Audio

Ilustración: Florencia Gutman

El almohadón de plumas, por Horacio Quiroga/ Audio.

Read Peter Robertson‘s translation into English of El almohadón de plumas, published by Easy Street.

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“Thanathopia” de Rubén Darío/ Video

Rubén Darío

“Thanathopia” de Rubén Darío/ Video.

Read Peter Robertson‘s translation of Rubén Darío‘s “Thanathopia”.

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Peter Robertson’s translation of Gustavo Bossert’s story “HOTEL” republished in “Easy Street”

“Christ’s Descent into Hell” (detail), oil on panel, by a follower of Hieronymus Bosch, ca. 1560.

Peter Robertson‘s translation of Gustavo Bossert‘s story “HOTEL” has been republished in Easy Street.

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Translation is “a strenuous but efficient way of teaching yourself to write”: Chana Bloch

Chana Bloch

Interlitq: What drew you to translation?

As a young writer in a workshop with Robert Lowell, I submitted along with my own poems some translations of Abraham Sutzkever, the great Yiddish poet. Lowell told me, “You can learn to write from your own translations.” That proved to be the most helpful advice I have ever received about writing. A translator needs to know at least one language very well: her own. You might say that translation is a form of apprenticeship—not to a master craftsman, but to the genius of the language itself. When you translate you are constantly choosing among alternatives in order to convey meaning, register, image, mood, music; each time you choose, you are exercising muscles that you need in shaping your own work—a strenuous but efficient way of teaching yourself to write.

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Read Peter Robertson‘s translation of Vicente Huidobro‘s “La Hija del Guardagujas” published in Interlitq‘s “The Power of Prose”.

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