Juan Jose Scorzelli entrevistado por Yamila Musa: Parte 1

Juan José Scorzelli

Yamila Musa, Editor de Argentina de Interlitq, entrevista al psicoanalista argentino, Juan José Scorzelli (” 15 Psicoanalistas Argentinss” serie): “La impronta de un analista frente a una realidad compleja: Parte 1″.

Lee la entrevista con Luis Hornstein por Yamila Musa.

Lee la entrevista con Luciano Lutereau por Yamila Musa.


François Villon – Ballade des pendus/ Audio

François Villon

François Villon – Ballade des pendus/ Audio.

A propos de François Villon

A propos de Ballade des pendus

Peter Robertson elected a Fellow of the English Association (FEA)

Peter Robertson

Peter Robertson, the President, Publisher and Founding Editor of Interlitq, has been elected a Fellow of the English Association (FEA).

About Peter Robertson

Video interview with Marilyn Imrie

Marilyn Imrie

Video interview with Marilyn Imrie.

About Marilyn Imrie.

“Brigid Brophy was above all an intellectual, which British (although she was Irish) authors aren’t supposed to be”

Brigid Brophy

Giles Gordon writes:

Atheist, vegetarian, socialist; novelist and short-story writer; humanist; biographer; playwright (The Burglar had a brief West End run in 1967); Freudian promoter of animal rights; children’s author (the adventures of Pussy Owl, only progeny of Edward Lear’s pair); tennis fanatic (not least Navratilova) and, on television, football fancier; most loyal of friends; reverer of Jane Austen; lover of Italy; Mozart adorer (her radical Mozart the Dramatist: a new view of Mozart, his opera and his age, 1964, was reissued in a new edition in 1989); aficionado of the English National Opera (but not of the Royal Opera House); disliker of “Shakespeare in performance”; smoker of cigarettes in a chic holder and painter of her fingernails purple; mother, grandmother, wife; feminist; lover of men and women; Brigid Brophy was above all an intellectual, which British (although she was Irish) authors aren’t supposed to be. We mistrust logical, rational thought in our writers, finding it easier to live with instinct, intuition. Brophy was ever the Aristotelian logician.

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