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Pascale Petit is “much happier in the deep country…, surrounded by birds and lush greenery”

Pascale Petit. Photo credit: Derek Adams

Pascale Petit interviewed by Interlitq: read the entire interview.

Interlitq: Now that you are based in Cornwall, do you miss Walthamstow?

Pascale Petit: No I don’t. I had been trying to get away from London for years, and am much happier in the deep country here, surrounded by birds and lush greenery, and our own wild river 100 yards downhill from our house, the Lynher, which roars down from Bodmin Moor.

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“I’m not Welsh but I have a longing for and a protectiveness towards Wales…”: Fiona Sampson

Fiona Sampson: credit Ekaterina Voskresenskaya

Fiona Sampson interviewed by Interlitq: read the entire interview:

Interlitq: Could you tell us more about the time you spent in Wales. How strongly do you identify yourself with Wales and Welshness? Do you rate Dylan Thomas highly?

FS: I’m not Welsh but I have a longing for and a protectiveness towards Wales, and a continuing strong interest in Welsh arts culture. When I returned to Wales straight after finishing at Oxford, I set up an annual international poetry festival in Aberystwyth. Because the poetic traditions in Wales are long and deep-seated. I’ve talked about this elsewhere so won’t repeat myself.

It’s unfashionable to rate Dylan Thomas in British poetry right now but – ever the unfashionable – I owe my love of poetry to him. When I was in that village school in Wales, and when I was only six years old, our wonderful headmaster read us the beginning of Under Milk Wood in school assembly. It was way over our heads. I understood nothing – except that I thought it was amazing. Soon after that I started writing my own little poems in school. And apart from my teens when that English teacher knocked it out of me for about a decade, I just didn’t stop.