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BBC: Spaghetti-Harvest in Ticino

The spaghetti tree hoax is a famous 3-minute hoax report broadcast on April Fools’ Day 1957 by the BBC current affairs programme Panorama. It told a tale of a family in southern Switzerland harvesting spaghetti from the fictitious spaghetti tree, broadcast at a time when this Italian dish was not widely eaten in the UK and some Britons were unaware that spaghetti is a pasta made from wheat flour and water. Hundreds of viewers phoned into the BBC, either to say the story was not true, or wondering about it, with some even asking how to grow their own spaghetti trees. Decades later CNN called this broadcast “the biggest hoax that any reputable news establishment ever pulled.”

“Danton’s Death” BBC1 Play of the Month 23rd April 1978


Danton’s Death BBC1 Play of the Month 23rd April 1978. With Ian Richardson as Robespierre.

Richard Hammond makes homophobic comments on UK television

Richard Hammond

Richard Hammond

TV presenter Richard Hammond has been criticised after making a joke about eating ice cream being gay.

He was responding to a comment made by Jeremy Clarkson on The Grand Tour.

Talking to an audience, co-host Clarkson points at a photo of a Volvo’s interior and says: “The only problem is that in one of those, you couldn’t enjoy a chocolate Magnum ice cream.”

Richard Hammond replied: “It’s all right, I don’t eat ice cream. It’s something to do with being straight.”

Today, December 12th, birthday of Josefina Grosso Picco, Argentine-Spanish TV presenter

Josefina Grosso

Josefina Grosso Picco

Today, December 12th, is the birthday of Josefina Grosso Picco, the Argentine-Spanish TV presenter.

Affirming his patriotism, “The Daily Show With Jon Stewart” is currently Robert Pinsky´s favourite TV show


In a recent interview with Matthew GilbertRobert Pinsky, the U.S. poet who is a Consulting Editor for Interlitq, and who contributed poetry to Issue 7 of Interlitq, states that “The Daily Show With Jon Stewart” is currently his favorite TV show:

“Favorite show right now, and why?

‘ The Daily Show With Jon Stewart,’  because it affirms my patriotism, has made me proud of our country: that we have this level of political comedy, admired all over the world.”