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6 Rules Of Islamophobia In America


Christopher Mathias writes:

After the 2015 terror attack in Paris, when Donald Trump and other GOP presidential candidates were ratcheting up their anti-Muslim political speech, we started a running list of Islamophobic acts. Sadly, in less than two months, the list became so long the webpage often wouldn’t load.

This made us recognize the very real surge in anti-Muslim incidents sweeping the nation — a surge many wanted to deny was happening at all. (Think Fox News host Eric Bolling saying he “hadn’t heard of any” anti-Muslim hate crimes.)

So we developed The Islamophobia Project, and committed to tracking anti-Muslim violence, vandalism, discrimination, public policy and political speech throughout 2016.

The timing of the incidents we collected helped reveal patterns. We discovered that Trump supporters attacked, harassed, or plotted to kill Muslims at least 13 times during the election cycle, proving a potential link between Trump’s rhetoric and the actions of supporters. We documented apparent surges in anti-Muslim incidents during Muslim holidays.

It’s now been a year, and our project is a sad and seemingly endless scroll through nearly 400 stories of Muslims in America being attacked, threatened, scapegoated, and profiled, seeing their places of worship vandalized and their faith denigrated.

An email address we set up as a source for tips — — generated hundreds of responses. Many people expressed gratitude for the project. One email led to a story about a Muslim Army veteran who found the word “terrorist” written on his locker. Mostly, we received anti-Muslim hate mail.

Le fascisme en France – Henri Guillemin/ Audio

Henri Guillemin

Henri Guillemin

Le fascisme en France – Henri Guillemin/ Audio.

Argentina ex-leader Cristina Fernandez charged in corruption case

Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner

Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner

Former Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner has been charged over corruption allegations.

A federal judge approved charges of illicit association and fraudulent administration against Ms Fernandez.

Judge Julian Ercolini also ordered the freezing of $633m (£516m) of Ms Fernandez’s assets. She has previously denied any wrongdoing.

It is alleged that her government steered public contracts to a businessman close to her family.

Ms Fernandez has said the case is politically motivated and accused current President Mauricio Macri of plotting against her.

In a court appearance in October, Ms Fernandez presented national budget documents as part of her evidence, highlighting that the accounts had been approved by parliamentary bodies and the country’s auditor general.

Judge Ercolini also approved corruption charges against two of Ms Fernandez’s former aides, ex-planning minister Julio de Vido and former public works Secretary Jose Lopez, as well as businessman Lazaro Baez.

Ms Fernandez is accused of favouring Mr Baez’s construction company, Austral, in the concession of contracts for public projects.

Interlitq publica entrevista con Milcíades Peña (hijo)

Milcíades Peña (hijo)

Milcíades Peña (hijo)

Interlitq publica entrevista con Milcíades Peña (hijo).

France’s Francois Fillon under fire over women’s rights

Mr Fillon (C) has become the unexpected frontrunner in France's Republican race for the presidential nomination

Mr Fillon (C) has become the unexpected frontrunner in France’s Republican race for the presidential nomination

The leading contender for France’s centre-right presidential nomination, Francois Fillon, is facing tough questions over his stance on abortion and sex discrimination.

His rival, fellow Republican Alain Juppe, has urged him to “clarify his position” on abortion.

Meanwhile, a party colleague restated claims he denied her a ministerial post because she was pregnant.

Supporters will choose between Mr Fillon and Mr Juppe on Sunday.

It is the first time the centre right in France has used a US-style primary contest to select a candidate, ahead of the presidential election in April and May.