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Apollinaire recite le pont Mirabeau/ Audio

Apollinaire recite “le pont Mirabeau”.

Songs of Sappho, Painetai/ Video

From a production of the New York Greek Drama Company in 1987, Sappho’s poem set to music by Eve Beglarian, sung in ancient Greek by Andrea Goodman, accompanying herself on a 7-string lyre. Directed by Peter Steadman.

Was poet Francis Thompson the real Jack the Ripper?

Francis Thompson

Martin Robinson writes:

Jack the Ripper’s true identity has baffled police and amateur detectives for more than a century.

But an English teacher has now claimed the gruesome murders of at least five women in London in the 1880s was the work of a well-known poet who revealed his blood lust in his writing.

Richard Patterson, 45, has spent nearly 20 years investigating his case to prove that respected writer Francis Thompson was responsible for butchering countless women across London.

Mr Patterson claims that Thompson, from Preston, Lancashire, was a drug addict with links to prostitutes who wrote about killing people.


Helen Dunmore, who died today, reads her poems “Wild strawberries” and “Glad of these times”

Helen Dunmore

Helen Dunmore, the UK poet, novelist and children’s writer, who has died today aged 64, reads her poems “Wild strawberries” and “Glad of these times”.

Helen Dunmore reads two poems from IN PERSON: 30 POETS filmed by Pamela Robertson-Pearce: “Wild strawberries” and “Glad of these times”. Pamela Robertson-Pearce has been filming poets reading their work for Bloodaxe’s archive and DVD-books. We will be posting further films of individual poets. We are also showing a 45-minute film (featuring 20 poets from the IN PERSON archive reading their work) at various independent cinemas, arts festivals and other venues around Britain and Ireland this year. These two poems by Helen Dunmore are from her books OUT OF THE BLUE: POEMS 1975-2001 (Bloodaxe Books, 2001) and GLAD OF THESE TIMES (Bloodaxe Books, 2007). Helen Dunmore is best-known as a novelist, but she had published four poetry collections with Bloodaxe before her first novel appeared in 1993. We filmed her at her home in Bristol in 2007.

Helen Dunmore, UK poet, novelist and children’s writer, dies at 64

Helen Dunmore

Helen Dunmore, the UK poet, novelist and children’s writer, has died aged 64.