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In Belarus, in April 2002, 47% of Belarusians thought “that gays should be imprisoned” (Source: Wikipedia)

Source: Wikipedia:

Gay life is still largely underground, and most Belarusians consider homosexuality a disorder. Homophobic attitudes, suspicions and prejudices are still very strong. According to a survey by the Belarusian Lambda League for Sexual Equality (Lambda Belarus) in April 2002, 47% of Belarusians think that gays should be imprisoned. Young people increasingly tolerate homosexuality and show a growing interest in gay and lesbian culture. However, their interests remain part of youth popular culture and is often considered as a kind of fashion that will be outgrown and forgotten when they become adults. In 2007, Information Center TEMA and organized a vote about the reaction of Gomel region youth to sexual minorities. 47.6% had negative feelings to sexual and gender minorities, 10% want to criminalize homosexual relations.

The most recent poll by Pew Research Center published in May 2017 suggests that 16% of Belarusian are in favor of same-sex marriage while 81% oppose the idea, which was significantly higher than in Ukraine (9%), Russia (5%) and Moldova (5%). Younger people are more likely than their elders to favor legal gay marriage (22% vs. 14%)


Porque no hay homosexuales en la clase política?/ Video

Federico Andahazi

El escritor Federico Andahazi habla de las razones del ocultamiento.

Billie Jean King wants Margaret Court Arena renamed

Billie Jean King

American tennis great Billie Jean King has joined calls for Margaret Court’s name to be stripped from the arena at Melbourne Park due to the Australian champion’s vocal campaign against homosexuality.

There has been a campaign to change the name of Margaret Court Arena over the former player’s comments surrounding homosexuality and plan to boycott Qantas for its same-sex marriage stance.

The former 64-time major winner, who is now a pastor at Victory Life Church in Perth, also once wrote a letter to the West Australian to express sadness that Casey Dellacqua’s newborn child would be “deprived of his father”.

King said she had once supported Court’s name adorning one of the stadiums, after Rod Laver was honoured with an arena.

However, she said comments from her friend last year blaming the devil for people being transgender “put her over the edge”.

Homofobia – Salvaje agresión a una pareja gay en La Plata, Argentina/ Video

Homofobia – Salvaje agresión a una pareja gay en La Plata, Argentina/ Video.

Jersey passes same-sex marriage law

Members finally approved the proposals – which were lodged by Chief Minister Ian Gorst – to overhaul the Island’s marriage laws after a process which initially began in 2014. The only Member to vote against was St Martin Constable Michel Le Troquer. Senator Sarah Ferguson abstained.

The proposition was approved after a controversial tolerance clause lodged by the Corporate Services Scrutiny Panel was rejected by Members, with five Members voting for it.