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Geraldine Maxwell to interview Laura Moser, U.S. politician

Laura Moser

Geraldine Maxwell

Forthcoming Interlitq Featured Interview: U.S. politician Laura Moser to be interviewed by Geraldine Maxwell, Interlitq‘s UK Editor.

About Laura Moser

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“Me gustaría comenzar a traducir a Leopoldo Lugones”: Peter Robertson

Peter Robertson, presidente de Interlitq

Peter Robertson, presidente de Interlitq, entrevistado por La Nación:

La Nación -¿Algún proyecto? –

PR: Traduje a Paul Eduard, Rosalía de Castro, Rubén Darío, Pierre de Ronsard y Jorge Luis Borges. Me gustaría comenzar a traducir a Leopoldo Lugones.”

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The Search for D. H. Lawrence/ Video

D. H. Lawrence

Emeritus Professor John Worthen in conversation with Dr Andrew Harrison, Director of the University of Nottingham’s D. H. Lawrence Research, discusses the question of Lawrence and biography in the context of the Lakeside exhibition ‘The Many Lives of D. H. Lawrence.

About D. H. Lawrence

“How to speculate on the motivations of those who hate us?”: Fiona Sampson

Fiona Sampson: credit Ekaterina Voskresenskaya

Fiona Sampson interviewed by Interlitq: read the entire interview:

Interlitq: I read somewhere that you had an English teacher who was quite hostile to you. Was this the case and, if so, why do you think it occurred? What were the dynamics of this relationship?

FS: How to speculate on the motivations of those who hate us? They just hate the whole way we “live and move and have our being”. She – this English teacher, who was also our form teacher, and whom we had for year after year because she had sort of half-adopted or anyway got too close to a girl in our class – was a kind of Miss Jean Brodie. She had pets and scapegoats and, well, let’s just say her boundaries were completely shot. I think things would be different today.

As for me, as usual for ages I didn’t notice: I was used to tough discipline. I just thought it was impersonal. But it wasn’t, and it’s a sadness because my life now is the legacy of that unkindness. Had she been a normal teacher, I would presumably have continued to love writing, and reading, as I had until she came along when I was about 13: I’d have gone straight to university at the usual age, made friends with a generation of writerly (instead of musical) peers, and – well, had years more to learn to be a writer. As it was, I ran away from her – and school, and writing – into music. I left school at sixteen with two A’levels.

Was there anything good about all this? It was an early lesson in the way you tend to be punished for doing something well: if you’re a girl, at least.



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Imam Marwan Gill interviewed by Interlitq (“Featured Interview”)

Imam Marwan Gill

Interlitq publishes Featured Interview with Imam Marwan Gill.

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Imam Marwan Gill appointed Interlitq’s Islamic Affairs Editor.