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“The Linguist” to publish Peter Robertson’s article on rollercoaster decade with Interlitq

Peter Robertson

The article by Peter Robertson, the president, publisher and founding editor of Interlitq: “The adventures of a literary review: InterLitQ  Founder Peter Robertson describes his rollercoaster decade with the multilingual review” will be published in “The Linguist” TL56,2 (April/May 2017).

Interlitq publishes interview, in its “The Groves of Academe” series with Thomas Luschei

Thomas Luschei

Thomas Luschei

Interlitq publishes an interview, in its “The Groves of Academe” series with Thomas Luschei, a Consulting Editor for Interlitq.

Interlitq publishes Glenna Luschei’s poem, “The Fabulous Planet Uranus”

Glenna Luschei

Glenna Luschei

To mark the 83rd birthday today, 11th February, of Glenna Luschei, the U.S. author and editor and a Vice-President of Interlitq, the review publishes Luschei’s poem:


The Fabulous Planet Uranus


for my birthday February 11


Like me, Uranus takes eighty-four years to circle the sun.

We’re just now winding up, off to a rocky start

on the next orbit.  I won’t last that ride

but we’re stocking up on provisions anyway.


Like me, Uranus lies sideways on its axis.

I can never get it right but am fortunate to be singled out

for this quirky ride.  I don’t mind sharing my birthday

with others.  Thomas Edison, for one, also intent


on incandescence, and Burt Reynolds.

Uranus, cold, blue and windy, you are the God

of the sky.   You are the reason I skate on ice.

Today birthday of Glenna Luschei, Vice-President of Interlitq

Glenna Luschei

Glenna Luschei

Glenna Luschei, the U.S. author and editor and a Vice-President of Interlitq, is 83 today.

Thomas Luschei appointed a Consulting Editor for Interlitq

Thomas Luschei

Thomas Luschei

Thomas Luschei has been appointed a Consulting Editor for Interlitq.