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La teoría de los colores de Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe | Documentales

La teoría de los colores de Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe | Documentales.


Friedrich Schiller: A Genius Finds Words (1759-1783)/ Video

The early years of German poet/philosopher/historian/playwright Friedrich Schiller, from his birth to young adulthood, including his tenure at a brutal military academy, conflict with the local ruler, Karl Eugen, Duke of Württemberg, and his first significant theatrical success, “The Robbers.” Narrated in English over scenes of the places and locales where Schiller resided and worked. Dramatic reenactments are interspersed, including one long segment enacting a scene from “The Robbers” in German with no translation. Produced by Cologne-based German TV company, TransTel.


Friedrich Dürrenmatt


Thomas Mann: His Life and Work (documentary)

Thomas Mann

The documentary examines the life and work of German literary icon Thomas Mann, beginning with Mann’s nomination for the 1949 Goethe Prize. His symbolic representation of Germany in exile after the war, and his status as a representative of the liberal, humanist tradition, are juxtaposed against Mann’s private life. The program discusses how his works, such as Death in Venice, explore the disparity between the life of bourgeois convention and desire, a disparity present in Mann’s own life. From the suicide of his eldest son, to his own homosexuality, the program explores the dual identity of Mann as representative of post-war Germany and also as private citizen.
Type: Documentary Film

María Kodama, Borges y el Argentinosaurus/ Video


María Kodama, Borges y el Argentinosaurus/ Video.