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Interlitq to collaborate with digital humanities initiative at Washington and Lee University, USA

Washington and Lee University

Interlitq will be collaborating with a digital humanities initiative at Washington and Lee University (W&L) to modernize the review’s design and digital strategy. Support for the redesign of Interlitq is coming from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation as a project of Washington and Lee University’s digital humanities initiatives.

The W&L side of the collaboration is led by Jeff Barry, Associate University Librarian and Associate Professor. Jeff has served as deputy general editor of Interlitq and currently teaches courses in multimedia storytelling design and publishing. A former resident of Argentina, Jeff worked with Peter Robertson, the founding editor, for much of Interlitq’s existence to ensure the online publication of the review.

2017 marks the tenth anniversary of Interlitq. The review’s design has not changed over the last decade, and the current site is showing its age. This design process will revitalize the appearance of the site. Assisting in the design process will be an undergraduate student from W&L. The resulting design will include integration of the Interlitq blog as well as the development of digital strategies for expanding readership. The collaboration also will explore the possibilities of Interlitq publishing books. A case study of this collaboration will be a feature of a course on publishing that will be taught at W&L in 2018.

Updates on the redesign process will be posted as the project progresses. Stayed tuned for more information.


Baño sin distinción de género en la UBA

La FADU inauguró su primer baño sin distinción de género. Foto: Silvana Colombo

Una iniciativa que resultó muy celebrada en las redes: la Facultad de Arquitectura, Diseño y Urbanismo (FADU), de la UBA, inauguró su primer baño sin distinción de género. El decano de la facultad, Luis Bruno, lo anunció a través de su cuenta de Facebook.

A su vez, el decano de esa facultad aprovechó para agregar en su mensaje a la coordinadora de la Unidad de Género FADU quien dijo: “Desde la Unidad de Género de la Secretaría General de la FADU-UBA junto a la Comisión de Género, mucho orgullo de empezar a cambiar las cosas! Trabajo en equipo de muchas Secretarías de la FADU y de compañerxs de ruta que se suman con entusiasmo para generar una Facultad mejor.”

Beyond White Slavery: Policing Women and the Growth of the FBI, 1900-1941/ Video Interview with Jessica Pliley

Jessica Pliley

Jessica Pliley is an assistant professor of women’s history at Texas State University-San Marcos. She is here at Yale as the Human Trafficking and Modern Day Slavery Fellow at the Gilder Lerhman Center. Professor Pliley has authored an article exploring the feminist politics within the League of Nations Committee on the Trafficking of Women and Children in the Journal of Women’s History and another article that examines how concerns about white slavery served to bolster some women’s rights advocates’ claims that women be included in the federal immigration service at the turn of the century. We talk with her about her book manuscript, Beyond White Slavery: Policing Women and the Growth of the FBI, 1900-1941.

Why study Comparative Literature at the University of Glasgow?/ Video

Why study Comparative Literature at the University of Glasgow?/ Video

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A Day in the Life of a Literature Undergrad | Glasgow Vlog

Just a normal day in the life of a Literature Undergrad student at Glasgow University.