Was Jack the Ripper really a hate-spreading antisemite?

Ben Welch writes:

Jack the Ripper, rather than simply being a maniac, was actually an antisemite who committed his murders to stir up tensions between Jewish immigrants in the East End and working class Londoners, before fleeing to Australia.

That is the contention of Australian journalist Stephen Senise, whose self-published book Jewbaiter: Jack the Ripper is out this week after almost two years of painstaking research into the infamous Whitechapel murderer.

Mr Senise, who is not Jewish, argues the killer was George Hutchinson, a local labourer, and that his motive was to mislead the public by framing the murders as “Jewish ritual killings”.

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  1. crcawc on

    For those interLitQ readers interested in the Jack the Ripper case – New evidence-based Ripper theory/book written by US Private Investigator and three of the world’s top criminologists; Dr Michael M. Baden (HBO’s Autopsy), Dr Henry C, Lee (Trace Evidence, Was O.J. Innocent?) & Dr Cyril H. Wecht (Forensic Files, 48 Hours):

    Posted by Sherlock Holmes and the Autumn of Terror on Friday, September 16, 2016

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