Endeavour Press republishes Brian Inglis’s “The Story of Ireland”


U.S. General Editor of Interlitq, Neil Langdon Inglis wishes to announce that his father’s history of the country of his birth, “The Story of Ireland’ (originally published by Faber and Faber in 1956) has been re-released in a Kindle edition by Endeavour Press. The London-based broadcaster and historian Brian Inglis (1916-1993) did not live to see the trends that brought about an era of prosperity for modern Ireland. Yet Inglis’s restrained but trenchant advocacy for his people perceived these trends, and lit the peaceful touchpaper for later reforms that ushered in the Celtic Tiger. Devoted to his mother country’s finer qualities, yet realistic about her faults, Inglis’s affectionate review of Irish history holds invaluable lessons for those wishing to study a country that is now far too busy to bear grudges and which punches above its weight in the worlds of culture and business.


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