“Other doors will open”: Peter Robertson

Peter Robertson

Peter Robertson

Argentine journalist Vanina Redondi  asks Peter Robertson, President and Publisher of Interlitq, a further 5 questions.



I am enjoying reading English Writers 1. I believe English Writers 2 will be published shortly.



Yes, later this month we will enter the production phase for publishing English Writers 2. We are planning a total of 4 profiles on English Writers, in addition to resuming publication of Interlitq’s regular features. Work by English writers will be published alongside artwork by Argentine artists. Luis Altieri was our Guest Artist for English Writers 1, and Rodolfo Zagert will be our Guest Artist for English Writers 2, with Guest Artists for English Writers 3 and English Writers 4 to be confirmed.



How do you see the long-term future of Interlitq?



I predict that Interlitq will continue to grow.  Certainly, we have had some setbacks over the last eight years, but these have served to strengthen our resolve. The review will continue to meet the challenge of opening up to different cultures, different ideas, generating debate in various languages.  Right now, Interlitq is interested in developing its readership in France, by publishing more on French literature, and also work in French.



Have you by now resolved funding issues?


This takes time. The third negative decision from Arts Council England was disappointing, but why dwell on it? Interlitq has never been a left-wing publication, but then nor are we to the right, embracing the dictum of the great U.S. critic, Lionel Trilling: “Between is the only honest best place to be”.  We look to the future.  Other doors will open.



I notice that you have made significant changes to your editorial staff.



Yes, Neil Langdon Inglis is our U. S. General Editor, with Meena Alexander elevated to New York Editor/Senior Editor at Large, and Geraldine Maxwell to London Editor/Senior-Editor-at-Large. And Laura Moser has recently accepted Interlitq’s invitation to act as Washington D.C. Editor/Senior Editor at Large. It’s a strong team.




I notice that Interlitq is now archived by Columbia University Libraries Web Resources Collection.



This is encouraging news, and consolidates our position in New York, with Interlitq incorporated in the State of New York, and with our status as a Collaborating Institution of Americas Society. New York is Interlitq’s home.


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