Manhattan Judge Orders Psychiatric Test for Man Accused of Killing His Wealthy Father

Thomas Gilbert Jr.

Thomas Gilbert Jr.

A judge on Friday ordered a psychiatric examination for a man charged with murdering his wealthy father, a Manhattan hedge fund manager, during an argument over money.

The man, Thomas Gilbert Jr., 30, a Princeton graduate, avid surfer and bon vivant who was living off his father’s largess before the killing, nodded eagerly as Justice Melissa Jackson of State Supreme Court urged him to cooperate with forensic psychiatrists.

Mr. Gilbert’s lawyer, Alex Spiro, told the judge his client was too mentally disturbed to play a role in his own defense.

“My client has a long history of psychiatric issues and we believe at this time he is not competent,” Mr. Spiro told reporters after the court appearance in Manhattan. He declined to give details.

Prosecutors said Mr. Gilbert shot his father, Thomas Gilbert Sr., on Jan. 4 at point-blank range inside his parent’s apartment at 20 Beekman Place. He had arrived at the apartment around 3:15 p.m., asking his mother to leave him alone with his father. A neighbor heard a gunshot a few minutes later, and the son was seen leaving the building.

Mr. Gilbert was found on his back in the bedroom, with a head wound, a gun on his chest and his left hand covering it. Detectives regarded the scene as a clumsily staged suicide.

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