Neil Langdon Inglis to write about his father Brian Inglis

Neil Langdon Inglis

Neil Langdon Inglis

Neil Langdon Inglis, U.S. General Editor of Interlitq, and a contributor to Issues 18, 19, 20 and 21 of Interlitq, will write about his father, Brian Inglis, in Interlitq‘s forthcoming “English Writers Part 1” feature:

Brian Inglis (1916-1993), the presenter of the Granada Television’s classic retrospective of the WWII years “All Our Yesterdays,” was a well-respected public figure with a reputation for intellectual seriousness. As the sixties advanced, his disenchantment with celebrity began to grow and his desire to return to books and journalism propelled him into new and unsuspected fields.  Parapsychology, much in vogue in the 1970s, offered a new and congenial home for Inglis–yet it was a refuge under assault from debunkers, including CSICOP (the Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal) in the USA. Convinced that the best defense lay in attack, Brian concluded that only a massive and scholarly history of psi would tip the balance and win the war of public and scholarly opinion. “Natural and Supernatural” (1978) and its sequel, “Science and Parascience” (1984), were the end-products of a period in which Brian engaged in tenacious research and considerable personal and intellectual development. His books, crafted in his memorably disciplined prose style, have held up well. What are their strengths and their flaws, and what kind of legacy do they represent?  Brian Inglis’s son, Neil Langdon Inglis turns the spotlight onto “Science and Parascience” which, along with its prequel, has been reissued by White Crow Books.


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