“If ever there was a psychopath, it’s Jeremy Bamber”

White House Farm in rural Essex saw the killing of three generations of a single family - a crime that shocked Britain

White House Farm in rural Essex saw the killing of three generations of a single family – a crime that shocked Britain

Carol Ann Lee writes:

Soon after the murders, Jeremy began selling antiques from the farmhouse and his sister’s flat in London, ostensibly to raise funds to pay for death duties. Soon afterwards, he split up from his girlfriend Julie Mugford, who by her own admission was struggling to come to terms with knowing that Bamber was a murderer.

She told police an extraordinary story that Jeremy, a heavy cannabis user fuelled by hatred and greed, had been plotting to kill his family for at least 18 months and had hired an assassin to carry out the murders for £2,000. Bamber had called Julie on the evening of the murders, saying: ‘It’s tonight or never.’

Detectives quickly established that the alleged hitman (a local plumber) had a solid alibi and concluded that Bamber had committed the murders himself. He had admitted to stealing almost £1,000 from the family caravan site six months earlier ‘to prove a point’.

Julie’s flatmates recalled that Bamber had professed a vehement hatred of his family. In her testimony, Julie said Jeremy had ended their relationship when she became too upset at having to conceal the truth about the shootings. Bamber dismissed her claims as the bitter fulminations of a jilted woman. Seven weeks after the murders, he was charged and, despite his sometimes persuasive denials, was later convicted.

He has professed his innocence ever since. However, the psychiatrist engaged by Bamber’s defence team said that his very real belief that he had not committed the murders was a prime reason for diagnosing him as a psychopath.

Concluding that he did kill his family and had suppressed the knowledge until it no longer existed, he added: ‘If ever there was a psychopath, it’s Jeremy Bamber.’

© Carol Ann Lee, 2015 l The Murders At White House Farm, by Carol Ann Lee, is published by Sidgwick & Jackson on July 30, £16.99.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3157376/Now-know-Bamber-did-Crime-writer-s-definitive-verdict-public-schoolboy-slaughtered-entire-family-30-years-ago-tried-frame-dead-sister-protested-innocence.html#ixzz3fiTh5Oht
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