Martha Nussbaum awarded the 2015 Inamori Ethics Prize

Martha Nussbaum

Martha Nussbaum

Martha Nussbaum, the U.S. academic who is a Consulting Editor for Interlitqhas been awarded the 2015 Inamori Ethics Prize by the Inamori International Center for Ethics and Excellence at Case Western Reserve University.

The annual prize, which will be presented to Nussbaum at a ceremony in October, honors an individual “who has demonstrated exemplary ethical leadership” and “whose actions and influence have greatly improved the condition of humankind.”

Nussbaum is one of the world’s leading philosophers, particularly on issues of moral and political theory, education, social equality, emotions, feminism, and ancient Greek and Roman philosophy.

Along with economist Amartya Sen, Nussbaum reoriented conversations of international welfare efforts away from exclusive focus on GDP and toward the capabilities of a nation’s individuals.

“Martha’s brilliant ‘capabilities approach’ has transformed the global conversation about human rights and what it means to treat other humans ethically,” said Inamori Center Director and Inamori Professor in Ethics Shannon E. French. “This approach looks at what each individual is actually capable of being and doing, and gives practical direction for seeking justice and positive change for those who cannot access opportunities or enjoy the basic freedoms they need to flourish and unlock their potential.”


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