Borges’s widow threatens remixer with prison

Pablo Katchadjian and Maria Kodama

Pablo Katchadjian and Maria Kodama

Argentina’s crazy copyright laws provide for prison sentences for “intellectual property fraud” — in this case, rewriting a Borges short story in Borgesian fashion and publishing it in a super-limited underground press edition of 300.

Maria Kodama has been suing Argentine writer Pablo Katchadjian since 2011 over his 2009 exerimental book “El Aleph engordado,” which interleaved Borges’s short story “The Alef” with his own work, more than doubling its length. More recently, Kodama swore out an “intellectual property fraud” complaint against Katchadjian, which carries a maximum penalty of six years in prison.

Borges’s own work was filled with remixes, imaginary quotes from real works and people, and lionized imaginary writers who remixed great literary classics.

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  1. Charles Lambert on

    This woman is both stupid and dangerous. Have you read Norman Thomas Di Giovanni’s intriguing memoir of Borges and his previous wife? He was a great writer but, it would seem, a very bad judge of women.

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