Same-Sex Marriage Is Legal in Mexico, Now Society Must Catch Up


Delia M. Arias De Leon writes:

“Earlier this month, the Mexican Supreme Court ruled that states that did not allow same-sex couples to marry violated the Mexican Constitution. While this does not mean all states must now legalize gay marriage, it does set a jurisprudential precedent. Any gay couple denied marriage in their home state may now seek an injunction from a judge, who will in turn be obliged to grant it. For all intents and purposes, same-sex couples can now get married anywhere in Mexico.

Reading U.S. media, you would think that the change came about in slow, but perfectly unopposed baby steps. News outlets are calling it a quiet marriage revolution, an uneventful process without much fanfare. And this is partly true. The Court’s ruling was issued so plainly and swiftly that many in the country barely knew about it… and that is precisely the problem. Mexico’s battle for marriage equality has been fought predominantly in the courts; courts located in Mexico City, the nation’s liberal, progressive mecca. The rest of the country has remained largely uninvolved in the marriage debate.”

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