Interlitq publishes its poem in English for 07.03.12, “Opening Night: Ainadamar by Osvaldo Golijov” by Miami author Miriam Levine, a contributor to Issue 13 of Interlitq


Opening Night: Ainadamar by Osvaldo Golijov


The little balcony above the lobby is hidden so it’s easy

to spy on people rushing in from the rain between marvelous

half-naked angels carved from marble feathered to wing-tips.


Dripping umbrellas fold like spent flowers

below faces, delightful and charming the gusting

rain has brightened.  For us: a new opera for Garcia Lorca


murdered by fascists at a place the Moors called Ainadamar.

Fountain of Tears.  I’ve come only for pleasure since I know

the old tragedies by heart and do not want to be heartbroken again.


An unbearable storm of expectation gusts in whispers: puss, puss.

We’re kept waiting on purpose, echos of rain swept streets,

wet blurred streaks of neon reflection extinguished.


I love the interior theater of shushed exhalation,

the seat I rest in like a swing stopped in air.  High

above earth I escape the worm, the poet’s death, grain, a kiss.


Lights ripen, pomegranate and blood, but dry because the effects

of light are not literal.  The first notes gallop in waves of Doppler.

The white-armed diva takes my heart.  Sound pours down,


slides off the putto’s back, slips from garlands, sobbing

bel canto—I can’t say it any better than Lorca, deep song escaping

along the horizon to “a point of common longing,” cante jondo.

About Miriam Levine:
Miriam Levine’s most recently published book is The Dark Opens, chosen by Mark Doty for the Autumn House Poetry Prize.  Her other books include Devotion, a memoir In Paterson, a novel, and three other collections of poetry.

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